The South Holderness Countryside Society’s club for Young Naturalists opened it’s doors at our Society’s headquarters in Hollym for the first time in 2012 for children of Primary School age.

The club is not a crèche. It is a well run place of learning for those children who have an interest in Natural History. At it’s head is a retired, professional primary school teacher with some thirty years of teaching experience, and together with her able assistants produces well prepared and researched introduction into the fascinating world of Nature. There is always a DRB certificated adult present at every club meeting whether this takes place on site, or whilst enjoying one of the specially arranged outings to study a particular branch of Natural History.

Over the years, some of our founder members have now grown into teenagers, and even though they have officially left the club, they still retain their avid interest in Nature. Some even receiving commendation at school as a result of their knowledge. Some of the ex members keep in touch with the club, sometimes even joining us, where their pressure of school work permits, on one of our special outings.

The new beginners are taught the basics of Nature. How the parts of a flower function, how to recognise the various trees. They look at mini-beasts and learn their place in the hierarchy of the Natural world. What they look like through a microscope noting the bright warning colours, or the camouflage. What flowers are mini-beasts attracted to, and why. The variation of subjects is endless.

The club world is not, by any means, a place of endless study. Outdoor activities take place on a regular basis as and when weather is permitting. The members have constructed their very own garden in the grounds in which butterfly and bee attracting plants grow. They have made bird boxes, and installed them in our very own on site woodland. They designed and made Hedgehog boxes, and insect “hotels”, made huge model butterflies to hang in the trees, and studied the inhabitants of the pond. We even held our very own Young Nats Woodland Olympics in 2012 where all the equipment was made from materials supplied by Nature. Javelins, Shot-putt, bows and arrows etc etc, and, strange as it may seem, every contestant managed to win a gold medal.

Recently, the members have completed the RSPB Bronze Award, for which everyone received a certificate, and at the time of writing, the Silver Award is almost nearing completion. We are all looking forward to taking part in the Gold Award, hopefully in 2018.

Club meetings take place from early March to early December with a break in August. These fortnightly Saturday meetings take place at our headquarters in Hollym for which members are required to pay a nominal subscription for the meetings which start at 9.30 am until 12,00 noon ( if we finish on time). The whole club takes a “Coffee or juice and Biscuits” break together at mid morning. This is a friendly club where instruction is not “formal” as in school, and Christian names are used throughout between all members and the staff.

If your child is interested and is between five and ten years of age, then please get in touch on 01964 671492.