This 45 hectare (111 acre) of unimproved grassland and hawthorn scrub is owned and managed wholly by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (see * below).

This Society is a stakeholder in this reserve for it represents a significant investment in local habitat conservation management and co-operation in the furtherance of our aim to, “Create a better Place for Wildlife”.

The Society’s charitable donation of £5000 from savings was matched by generous contributions from individual Society Trustees.  Several Members and Trustees gave their expertise and time assisting with fund raising and canvassing local support for its purchase.

We are proud to have made this investment in the acquisition of this land from the estate of Mr Tom Hodgson. Tom supported the work of this Society and we are pleased that he is remembered in the naming, “Hodgson’s Fields Nature Reserve”.


This reserve straddles the minor road between Southfield Farm, Out Newton and Skeffling at GR TA377 206.  There is an area of off-road parking with interpretation panel and there are paths which radiate from this point.

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What can be seen there?

Extensive open areas of grassland and scrub on land taken out of arable production and maintained by grazing are a rare combination of habitat in Holderness.

This reserve is therefore an oasis within an arable desert and is matched only by Cowden Range in size.

The rough grassland habitat supports small mammals which attract various raptors. The flora, although not richly varied, supports several butterfly species.

The site is notable for both Northern- and Southern Marsh-orchids.

The hawthorn scrub and extensive mature hedgerows are shelter for farmland birds such as linnet and yellow hammer. Whimbrel may be seen in Autumn passage.

This reserve is large and enables one to escape, “the madding crowd”.

* NB One has to be a member of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to have free access to this reserve. This reserve is not included in the Society’s liability insurance cover.